80 million jobs will disappear. How can you make yourself stand out?

Just a few hours ’till the beginning of the Business 4.x & Future of HR conference
11th October 2018
12th October 2018

Today started the Business 4.X and the Future of HR conference.

At the conference’s beginning, Zoran Đorđević, Managing Director of COTRUGLI Business School welcomed more than 300 participants pointing out that the School recognized the importance of technology in today’s business.

Terence Tse, PhD gave an interesting lecture and an introduction to the topic saying that the biggest challenge is about to come: How can we manage both humans and robots in the future of business. He also stressed out disturbing fact: Machines are taking over people’s jobs. 80 million jobs will actually disappear… Machines are eliminating more white collar jobs than blue collar jobs.

In the end, he asked: Everyone will have very similar CVs in the future. How can you make yourself stand out? Motivation… Learn what technology is about, learn how to use it!

Terence’s presentation was followed by roundtable. Panelists Zrinka Bokulić, Gašper Fečur, Marija Felkel, Branko Mitrović, Vladimira Senčar Perkov, Hrvoje Merki, Mojica Domiter and Lana Grgurić concluded that we shouldn’t be afraid of technology, but emphasize its advantages.

We are trying to highlight the advantages, not the “horrifying scenario” in which each of us will lose their job, mentioned Mojca Domiter, Atlantic Group. Marija Felkel, Hrvatski Telekom added: We are currently in a very challenging moment, in 30 years it might be easier because everything will be digital. The real challenge is to combine everything and create new value for customers.

Technology is used by hotel industry as well. Our job starts when a guest enters the hotel. I remember that 10 years ago, we charged for Wi-Fi and today we can’t without it. Guests use new technologies in order to give reviews online, from social networks to TripAdvisor etc. We use it to see reaction in real-time, if a customer is frustrated, we see them typing while they are still in the hotel. Then we approach them and fix everything. This is a great opportunity to tailor our offers according to customer’s needs, thanks to ‘big data’ that help us increase visibility. It also helps us predict some things that might happen, shared Zrinka Bokulić, CEO at Aminess.

At the conference was also presented the largest regional ICO project, Tolar and communia, a completely new project that is being supported by Tolar HashNET technology,

In communia, they believe they can make a better life for everyone by using the blockchain that is oriented to people. How? It is an open-source platform that will reward people for doing good deeds they will make in their community. If they recycle, pay bills on time, support community development, etc., they will be rewarded, said Mario Gigović from communia.

More than 30 speakers from leading companies such as A1, HT, Telenor, INA, Atlantic Group, UniCredit, Medora, MOL, Aminess participate at the conference that continues on Saturday.