Things to see and do in Umag

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There is no doubt that Umag has a rich history, but it also has a lot of natural beauty to explore. We’ve prepared some tips for things to do while you enjoy your stay in Umag. Check out the list below which reveals usual and unusual places, tips and more.

Old Town

The Old Town is part of Umag’s major history centre, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Here you will find remains of walls, villas, while the lovely narrow streets are ideal for losing a few hours exploring. The West Tower is the most famous part of the old town.

Church of St Peregrine

On the Rosazzo promontory, you will find the famous and timeworn Church of St Peregrine. While this church may be small, it has a plentiful history which is intoxicating and interesting to learn about. The locals built the church in order to mark the spot where the patron saint was executed, back in the Diocletian era.

Lighthouse Savudrija-Salvore

The oldest lighthouse on the entire Adriatic Coast is found in Umag, made way back in 1818. The light from the house is visible up to 32km away, and the story which is associated with its past is quite romantic: Count Metternich, a married man, fell in love with a local girl, and despite the fact it was a rather illicit love affair, it was one of true love. The Count was said to have built the lighthouse in recognition of his love for the girl.

Sipar Promontory

At low tide you will come across a series of stones which seem to rise from the sea; these stones are the remains of the castle of Sipar, which was built way back in the 5th century.

Villa Tiola

This luxury villa dates back to Roman times, having had its own private spa and living areas, which were all abundantly and richly decorated with mosaics.

Eat local food

Truffles, pasta, ravioli, prosciutto, sea food, olive oil and great wines, especially the unique Istrian Malvasia, are only some of the great specialties to try while in Istria and around Umag.

Discover the beaches

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Istria are hidden around its northwestern part. Discover Laguna Stella Maris, Katoro beach only 3 km away from Umag, surrounded by pine trees or Sol Polynesia which is a combination of stone and sand.

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