What to expect at the Business 4.x & Future of HR Conference?

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9th October 2018
Things to see and do in Umag
10th October 2018

Only 2 days left until the Business 4.x and Future of HR Conference! We have prepared an overview of what can you expect:

  • The largest gathering of MBAs

This event will gather the largest number of MBAs in the one place in this region. Many of them hold top positions in their companies and have success stories. for that reason, COTRUGLI decided to include them in the conference where many of its alumni will hold presentations.

  • Speakers

The conference brings together TOP managers, including Terence Tse (Co-founder and entrepreneur, Nexus Frontier Tech), Danny Goh (Co-Founder and CEO, Nexus Frontier Tech), Branko Mitrović (Corporate Affairs Director, Telenor), Hrvoje Merki (CEO, Eurco), Zrinko Kamber (CEO, Medora Hotels & Resorts), Marko Križanec (Deputy Director, ENERGO), Branko Mitrović (CEO, fSD), Gašper Fečur (CEO, New Frontier Group SLO), Zrinka Bokulić (CEO, Amines), Katja Matić (Human Resources Director, A1), Hajdi Ćenan (COO, Drap) … and many others – see all speakers here.

  • Focus on HR and new technology

The conference will focus on the future of the HR. The leading experts in the HR field will explain us, what can we expect from tomorrow’s HR: Marija Felkel (CHRO, HT), Mojca Domiter (Executive Director HR, Atlantic Grupa), Lana Grgurić (Head of HR Retail and GBS CEE Unicredit Bank Romania), Zdravka Demeter Bubalo (HR Vice President, MOL Group)…

  • Presentation of regional blockchain projects

Additionally, at the conference Josip Maričević (CTO), Mario Vojvoda (CIO) and Tadej Slapnik (Director will  present the leading regional ICO project – Tolar, and a completely new project Communia is to be presented by its founder Mario Gigović.

  • Networking opportunities

Along with the conference, we are running a Networking & Billateral meetings, event where you can explore exceptional networking opportunities with the most influential alumni network in the region and get the opportunity for new business arrangements.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!